Alfa Romeo
Construction year
12918 km
Color exterior
Rosso Corsa
85 kW / 115 HP
€ 267.500,-

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Drive type
Has carpass
Interior color
Is metallic
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Partial leather

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Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint Coupé by Touring Carrozzeria

Chassis - AR1900C10454

Engine - AR130800712

Production date 4 April 1957

Delivery date 3 June 1957

Delivered new to Milan, Italy
Ownership history

1957/04/04 - Delivered to Contonificio Lamprugnani, Milan, Italy.

1967/07/06 – Owned by Motta Angelo n. Tzezzo, via Bazzoni 32, Milan, number plate E17800-MI.

1985/11/21 – Owned by Count Giovannino Lurani Cernuschi, famous Italian racing driver and car collector.

1990/01/29 – Owned by Ugo Colombo, Via Buonarroti 35, 20145 Milan, Italy, number plate E17800MI

1996/10 – Still with Ugo Colombo, FIVA card delivered

2015/09/26 - Galleria Pananti Oldtimer und Automobilia Auktion 109 (26. September 2015)  – Sold at auction, lot 39

2016/03/25 – Bought by Maranello Service SRL 2018 – Bought by current owner, from car dealer Automobile Tricolore, Brescia, Italy.


The project for a new sedan from the Alfa Romeo company was born in 1948, when it was

realized that the pre-war model 6C 2500 is an outdated product and no longer suitable for

the market which required sedans of smaller dimensions and displacements and more

modern styles. This is how the 1900 model was born. We are in the spring of 1950 and

the first prototypes begin testing on the roads of northern Italy but only at the

Paris Motor Show held in autumn, the definitive version is unveiled which is welcomed

with the utmost compliments by the specialized press and the public. Orazio Satta Puliga

and Giuseppe Busso are the technicians in charge of this new project for an Alfa Romeo

which, in order to concentrate on production, has decided to withdraw from the expensive

competitions which, however, have brought so many triumphs to the Milanese manufacturer.

The 1900 is the first Alfa Romeo equipped with a load-bearing structure, it can carry up to

6 people, is equipped with a large trunk and has a brilliant in-line 4-cylinder engine with

twin-shaft distribution. The displacement is 1884 cc and develops 90 HP at 5200 rpm.

“The family car that wins races” is the advertising slogan coined for this new model.

Aesthetic and engine updates followed one another with increases in displacement and

power until 1959, the year in which production ceased. Until 1951, Alfa Romeo built a

series of chassis for external body builders called 1900 C, 1900 Sprint, 1900 C Super

and 1900 C Super Sprint, with a shortened wheelbase from 2630 mm to 2500 mm.

The main recipient body shops are Touring, Pinin Farina and Zagato who, with their

personal interpretations, will create real style masterpieces. Touring builds with the system

called "Superleggera", a harmonious aluminum coupe that thanks to its lightness finds

space and excellent results in competitions, as well as the sporty model of Zagato.

The car we are presenting is a splendid Touring Super Sprint Coupé produced on April 4, 1957

and painted in an elegant "Ocean Green" before being delivered to

Contonificio Lamprugnani (Coton Mil) in Milan, to then also pass into the hands

of the great gentleman driver. , Count Giovannino Lurani Cernuschi who will guide it for

about 12 years, before handing it over to another enthusiast. The car is now painted

red and still has the original fabric and leather interior which is in very good storage condition.

The engine is of the correct type AR 1308 and has been kept in perfect working order by the

current owner. The five-speed gearbox has a lever on the floor instead of the steering

wheel (a rare and expensive option of the time) and this gives it a sportier and more practical use.

The 1900 Super Sprint Coupe, with its 115 bhp 1975 cm3 engine, is one of the most

popular collectible Alfa Romeos in the world: its elegance has made it an icon of world


Being built in 1957, is eligible for Mille Miglia, the most prestigious historic race, which

attracts hundreds of fans every year and is considered one of the most important events in the world.

Full engine rebuild in 2018. The car is in perfect working order, ready to be enjoyed by its the new


Important documents that accompany the car

* Old Italian libretto Carta Di Circolazione (original, dated 1967)
* Foglio complementate (original, dated 1985)
* ASI card (original, dated 1996) + silver plate
* FIVA identity card (original, dated 1997)
* Belgian oldtimer road registration (original, dated 2018)
* Alfa Romeo “Certificate of origin” (original, dated 2021)


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