Construction year
56728 km
Color exterior
ash grey metallic
149 kW / 203 HP
€ 139.000,-

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Color group exterior
Cylinder capacity
Cylinders count
Doors count
Drive type
Gears count
Has carpass
Interior color
Is metallic
Interior color
Seats count
Full leather

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Bentley T MPW 2-Door Saloon 1967

First registration in 1967

1 of 98 coupe produced from 1966 - 1970

1 of 17 coupe LHD, one of the brand's rarest.

V8 - 6.3L - 203 Hp

Delivered new in Spain

4-speed auto transmission - RWD

Ash grey metallic with black connolly leather

The first character of the chassisnumber of every Bentley T MPW 2-door saloon is a C and the second is a B.

The right-hand drive Bentley T MPW 2-door saloon has on the third position always a H, the left-hand drive a X.

The first Bentley T MPW 2-door saloon is CBX1149, the last one is CBH9766.


Currently in belgian registration (oldtimer)

What makes this model unique

Two doors
Chrome bumpers
Flat wheel covers
Uplifted waistline above the rear wheelarch
Modified, lower rear side (with regard to the 4-door saloon)
1 Inch lower than the 4-door saloon
No side garnish
Round reversing lights on the boot lid
No identificaton plate at the rear


The Bentley T 'Two-Door Saloon' (according to the official terminology) is in fact a very elegant coupé derived from the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow model, presented in 1965.

This generation of cars was distinguished for the first time in the history of the two marques by the use of a self-supporting body.

This structure provides more space for occupants, makes it easier to get on board and reduces overall weight, making for an even smoother, easier drive and excellent manoeuvrability.

Powered by the new all-aluminium 6.3-litre V8 engine and equipped with 4-wheel independent suspension with automatic levelling, this platform offered a perfect blend of the brand's traditional luxury with the best in modern technology.

Until the brand was taken over by the AUDI Group, Bentleys remained the most prestigious of all British saloons - and never had any rivals.

The special finish and extreme rarity of classic Bentleys make them truly exclusive cars, chosen by exceptional personalities and in a class of their own.

As a coupé (or two-door saloon), this rarity gives these cars the status of a protected species, and models from the 1930s to the 1970s are now the subject of a cult following.

To fully appreciate the rarity and status of a Bentley, especially as a two-door coupé, a total of forty thousand examples of the Rolls-Royce and Bentley models of the Silver Shadow generation were produced, while less than one hundred examples of the two-door Bentley T bodied by Mulliner Park Ward were produced.

Only 17 left-hand drive models were delivered. It's hard to get more exclusive than that.

Such rarity guarantees that the money invested in its purchase is safe, as it is also one of the most sumptuous automobiles of the twentieth century.

About this car

This extremely rare and desirable Bentley began its life discreetly sheltered in the basement of a Barcelona embassy, chosen by a diplomatic figure who kept it for a very long time.

It changed hands to one of our excellent customers, who pampered it and kept it like a treasure.

The only reason he subsequently agreed to part with it was to acquire a more recent model from the marque, a magnificent Azure convertible.

Then it was the turn of a Parisian sculptor and decorator who was a great lover of luxurious English cars.

Its fourth owner, necessarily a man of taste, was dazzled by this car when he discovered it and wasted no time in acquiring it to take it to a magnificent and discreet château.

As if to ensure that the history of this car continued at its own pace, he also used it very little, jealously preserving it.

Finished in a sublime ash grey metallic with black leather upholstery, pleasingly a little weathered, and sumptuous dark wood trim, this car is difficult to describe in technical terms.

Those who wish to own a Bentley will know why.

Few arguments can express the sense of serenity and satisfaction that a car enthusiast experiences in a Bentley.

A Bentley two-door coupé is probably the ultimate in automotive luxury and class.

With the steering wheel in hand, what can I say?

It's satisfaction at every turn, the engine, totally inaudible at idle, silky smooth and powerful, moves this rolling saloon effortlessly, with surprising vivacity, the gear changes of the automatic gearbox are imperceptible, the steering wheel that you control with two fingers acts on the incomparably smooth steering.

The silence is total, and the ambience is quite simply extraordinary.

This automotive sculpture moves through the aggressive bleakness of today's traffic conditions with incredible ease, equally unflappable in city traffic or on a long motorway journey at sustained speed.

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