Alfa Romeo  GTA 1300 Stradale

Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Stradale

Mileage :  55.466 Kms
First registration date : 25/07/69
Color : Red
Interior color : Black
Power (kw) : 71
Power (cv) : 97
Cubic capacity : 1300cc
Number of cylinders : 4
Fuel type : Petrol
Gearbox : Manual
Layout : RWD
Number of seats : 4


Tipo modelo 105.59

Telaio AR775785

Tipo motore 00559

Motore numero AR 00559*0754*

760 KG  - 1290cc - 1290cc DOHC 4-Cylinder Engine - Twin 45DCOE Carburetors

447 GTA’s built from 1967-1972, of which 193 stradale

Matching colors (red with black vinyl)


Ownership history:

1969 - 1st owner: Massimo Girondi, Torino, number plate TO B63919. Prezzo: 2198000 Lira.

1971 - 2nd owner: Alfredo Marazia, Lecce.

1975 - 3rd owner: Sauro Marmeggi, Torino. Prezzo: 500000 Lira.

1976 - 4th owner:  Valerio Nurisso, Torino. Prezzo: 500000 Lira.

1977 - 5th owner: Dario Bocco, Torino. Prezzo: 400000 Lira.

2002- Bought by Gérard Dulait, Overijse, Belgium via Caparini, Alfa Romeo race preparer from Milan.

2002-2005 - Gérard Dulait carried out full restoration of mechanics (engine, gearbox, suspension, etc) with Alfa specialists in Belgium. Engine and gearbox, were redone by Alfa specialist André Delaite. Some parts were hand made in Germany. Body was done by Ortoni in Liège, very good workshop known by the connoisseurs.  Interior was in a very good original condition, only cleaning of seats, dashboard, roof-lining, plastic carpets, etc. See photos.

2005-2010 – Bought by Nicholas S. who bought the car as an investment, and never road registered the car.

2010 - Sold to current Belgian owner, again with the help of Gérard Dulait, who has used it sparingly.

2019 - First time the car is offered for sale.

Importantly this GTA stradale was never race prepared and therefore had a quiet life in sunny Italy before its restoration in Belgium. A copy of original Torino black plates will be supplied with the car.

Excellent condition overall. Ready to be enjoyed and driven.


List of important documents that come with the car:

- Italian libretto from 1969 with all owners

- Extract from Automobile Club d'Italia (requested in 2003) - Foglio complementare with all owners

- Manual (uso e manutenzione) Giulia Sprint GTA

- Letter from Alfa Romeo storico confirming original numbers, types and colors (red/black)

- Invoices from restoration in 2010.

- Extracts from GTA books: "Alleggerita Register" by Ubelher/Dasse, and "Alfa Romeo GTA" by Tabucchi

- Belgian technical control done (delivered in 2010)

- Belgian road registration


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