BMW 327/328 Cabriolet

BMW 327/328 Cabriolet


• One of the only 428 produced

• Year 1939

• Engine type 328 with 80bhp
• Full Matching Numbers chassis and engine
• Fully restored in 2016/2017
• EU Registered

• Absolutely stunning and perfect condition



Previously a 'barn find', this original BMW 327/328 appears to have been known to the 'Paris Oldtimer Club' since 1987, and in 2015 was sold by French dealer Christian Decombas to Mr Konstantin Zhukov. The car was then fully restored by Atelier Zhukov during the period of  2016/2017. One of the fastest and most elegant of 1930s sports cars.
BMW's pushrod six had by now been enlarged to 1,971cc and developed around 55bhp in the 327, which could also be ordered with the 328 sports car's engine at extra cost. The 328's engine featured an ingenious new cylinder head, designed by Rudolf Schleicher, which incorporated hemispherical combustion chambers and inclined valves without recourse to overhead, or twin, camshafts. Instead, the engine's single, block-mounted camshaft and pushrod valve actuation were retained, thus avoiding an expensive redesign. Two rocker shafts were employed, one situated above each bank of valves, giving the engine an external appearance almost indistinguishable from that of a twin-overhead-cam design. Downdraft inlet ports contributed to the motor's deep breathing, and its tune-ability made it a popular choice for British racing car constructors, most notably Cooper, during the 1950s. The 328 engine produced 80bhp, an exemplary output for a normally aspirated 2.0-litre unit at that time, with more available in race trim.
Deploying the 328's state-of-the-art engine in a more civilised and comfortable package, the 327/328 is relatively rare, with only 428 completed up to 1940 when production ceased.



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