Simca Deho

Simca Deho

Production Date : 1951

Color : Blue
Interior color : Tan
Power (kw) : 44
Power (cv) : 60
Cubic capacity : 1100
Number of cylinders : inline 4
Fuel type : Petrol
Gearbox : 4 Speed Manual
Layout : RWD
Number of seats : 1


1 of only 3 cars (101C, 102C, 103C) built by Robert Deho in 1948-1949.

History of the car:

Chassis number: 103C
Engine type: D11
Engine number: 103C (engine number stamped)

103C is an ex-Ecurie R. Deho 1949 (original plate in car), and ex-Ecurie les Lévriers 1951 (see period photos).

4 cylinders in line from the Simca 8, 1100cc, bore stroke 68x75mm.
Engine prepared by Robert Deho with about 60 HP (instead of original 30 HP). Fed by Solex carburetor.

4-speed manual gearbox with shift lever for reverse gear position, Simca original gearbox.

Drum brakes on all 4 wheels, Borrani wire wheels and center hubs.

The car is in its original condition, complete with its original chassis, engine and instrumentation, the only change from period being its front nose. The engine has a three in one exhaust, pistons and connecting rods, allowing it to develop about 60 CV. The car body is made of aluminum and comes in a blue color, maintaining nice bacquet seats covered in leather beige.

103C drove races from 1949 to 1954, and won the Coupes de Paris in 1954 with Charles Baldini . Unfortunately Robert Deho died of a lung cancer in May 1951, and his wife sold the company to Robert Cesure 4 months later. Robert Cesure bought all Deho's cars and had them raced under the name of Simca Cesure, for the racing team "Ecurie les Lévriers" (see fantastic period photos). It remained untouched in the same collection in France for about 30 years. In 2010 it was handled by the famous Christophe Pund of "La Galeries des Damiers" who decided to put it up for auction for its owner in 2012 with Bergé in Brussels. The current owner has had the car since.


The real connoisseur of original racing cars will truly appreciate this car as historical evidence of the genius of the motorsports first racing engineers.


Races done in period by Simca Deho single seaters:


1949 Grand Prix d'Angoulême, #?, Robert Klempénère (101C?)

1949 June 5, Bol d'Or ,#10, Serraud  DNA (102C?)
1949 June 5, Bol d'Or, #32, Lacroix, ?th
1949 June 5, Bol d'Or, #50, Molinari, ?th
1949 June 26, 24 h Le Mans, #46, Lecerf / Robert Redge, DNF
1949 August 7, GP. A.C.F. Comminges, Jean Estager  10th
1949 October 30, GP de Madrid, Philippe, raced
1950 July 23, 12 h Paris, #41, Henri Riou, 11th (104S?)

1950 May 28, Grand Prix des Frontières, Chimay, Roger Eckerlein (10?C)
1950 July 30, Grand Prix de Périgueux, #44, Charles Huc? (102C?)
1950 July 30, Grand Prix de Rouen, #20, (10?C), Henri Riou, raced note: car had mud guards and wing on the back,
1954 April 24-25, Coupes de Paris, #22, Charles Baldini, 1st, Numberplate 5448-T75 (103C)
1954 May 30, Bol d'Or (at Linas-Montlhéry), #7, De Voos & Baldini, 4th, Numberplate 5448-T75 (103C)



Article from July 1954 Motorsport magazine:


"The Bol d'Or must surely be one of the few remaining races that has not changed its character with the passage of time for it has always been a miniature Le Mans for the private owner rather than for the factories. Limited to "light cars," this annual 24-hour race is one that is run on sheer enthusiasm, both by organizers and competitors, rather than a race run for commerce and it still manages to retain its character of an endurance race rather than a high-speed regularity run.


The Bol d'Or sees the rare sight of racing cars running with sports cars, for there is a racing class of cars up to 1100cc and being a 24-hour event they have to be equipped with headlamps, which must surely be the only occasion on which single-seaters race with lights. There were two single-seaters running, both built around Simca-Fiat 1100cc components, and in the same class was the Lotus, running without front mudguards, thus qualifying as a racing car. Of the single-seaters, the Simca-Cesure, driven by de Voos and Baldini, was going steadily, though not outstandingly fast, while the Simca-Monopole was going slowly.


Four laps behind...the single-seater Simca-Cesure still sounding surprisingly healthy and in fact all these cars were running as well as at the beginning.


Third was the special-bodied Aronde, followed by the Simca-Cesure single-seater


The 26th Bol d'Or had lived up to the reputation set by its predecessors and was a true endurance race for the amateur drivers, providing an excellent 24 hours of sport for all concerned."


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